Vanessa Wheeler

Owner and Photographer

Bachelors in Fine Arts and Photography from SUNY New Paltz…. What are you going to do with a degree like that? Well start my own business and love what I do for a living of course! Over 20 years of experience and amazing memories with all our clients and my own family.

I established All Occasions Photography in 2010 which is more of a natural in the moment photography and this is why we love weddings and family photos as they are so unpredictable. This doesn’t mean I don not love all the kinds of photography in fact I love exploring all kinds and getting creative. I frequently photograph sports too, which began with my own children. I am a mom of two sons so I have seen it all, well it feels like that at times! In my spare time (which isn’t much time at all) I am a foster mom to kittens and volunteer time with the Humane Society. We have fostered over 170 kittens thus far and will continue to foster for as long as we can! And before you ask, yes I do put the kittens through photo shoots. I also love to travel and can not wait to see the beauty of the entire world.

If you don’t have fun doing your job, then why do it?”. There are times I will be laying in the grass trying to get the right angle, or being very quiet and sneaky as to not interrupt the perfect moment. My goal is to capture the natural smiles and true personalities and if that means being silly to get you to relax then that is what I will do! I have also been known to play with kids before their photo session so they are more comfortable with me being around.

Remember your smile is your best asset so let it shine!

Meet The Team

Eric Rustin

Majestic, electric, dashingly handsome, mysterious, worldly, smoldering these are just some of the words our clients have used to describe our lead 2nd photographer Eric Rustin. To work with Eric is nothing short of an adventure. A few moments in from meeting him you will see exactly why you chose him. Shy groom? No problem. Nervous groom? He’s got your back! By the end of the night you would swear he is part of the wedding party with all the jokes and banter he and the groomsman share. His unique style of photography and unconventional approach create so many amazing memories for our clients. Eric’s background is not one of a traditional photographer. He has spent most of his career in the trades and auto industry. Most people we run into that know him are from his time as an auto parts store manager. The Mayor as we affectionately call him found a love and passion for photography later on in his travels and has not stopped improving his craft since he started with us in 2011. He is a father to a beautiful little girl who keeps him on his toes and there imaginations run wild . He also loves to include children into his wedding day shenanigans. Its not uncommon to see that super shy child the parents worried about, hanging around him helping take pictures. In short he knows how to make people feel at ease and have a great time with a stranger holding them hostage to a camera for the day.

Aimee Tigg

Hello, my name is Aimee and a full time photographer with 13 years of experience. I consider myself very lucky to work with Vanessa and call her my friend. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat. When I am not working you can find me feeding an unhealthy obsession with thrifting things antique and vintage that I can’t live without or trying to convince my husband that we should rescue yet another animal. I have so much fun working with the All Occasions Photography team. If I am fortunate enough to be a part of capturing your special day please know that I will be doing my very best to capture each moment with care and attention to the details that are unique to you.

Zak Westbrook

Welcome to Vision Theory Productions, your dedicated partner in capturing the essence of your special day. With over a decade of experience, we’ve had the honor of documenting hundreds of weddings across Albany, Saratoga, and Lake George, crafting wedding films that stand the test of time.

Our journey in wedding videography is more than just a profession; it’s a pursuit of capturing emotions, moments, and memories that are as unique as each couple we work with. We blend cinematic storytelling with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every laugh, tear, and dance is immortalized in the most authentic way possible. Our style is a crafted mix of audio, video clips, and music, carefully woven to narrate your love story in the most enchanting way.

At Vision Theory Productions, we understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s why we are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your wedding film, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. We value the trust you place in us and strive to create a wedding film that is not just a video, but a timeless heirloom to be cherished for generations.

Wedding Selfies with our Happy Couples

Photo Booth Antics

We specialize in FUN! We are professional and skilled photographers that concentrate in weddings as that is one of our favorite events to photograph. If you have a photo booth at your wedding, you will definitely see us making some silly faces, engaging in weird poses and using a variety of props.