Vanessa Wheeler
Owner and Photographer

I have a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz and over 20 years experience in photography, which include portrait studios, commercial photography, and established All Occasions Photography in 2010.  I am a mom of two boys so I have seen it all, well it feels like that at times! Halloween is my favorite holiday and yes I still love to dress up and trick or treat! You are never too old!  In my spare time (which isn’t much time at all) I am a foster mom to kittens and volunteer time at a Humane Society with my oldest son. We have fostered over 55 kittens thus far will continue to foster for as long as we can!  And before you ask, yes I do put the kittens through photo shoots. This is the best way to find them homes. I am called the cat lady but honestly I love all animals!

My favorite motto is “If you don’t have fun doing your job, then why do it”. There are times I will be laying in the grass trying to get the right angle, or being very quiet and sneaky as to not interrupt the perfect moment.  My goal is to capture the natural smiles and true personalities and if that means being silly to get you to relax then that is what I will do! I have also been known to play with kids before their photo session so they are more comfortable with me being around.

All Occasions Photography Albany NY - Wedding Photography Vanessa Eating Smore

Meet The Team

All Occasions Photography Albany NY - Wedding Photography Photographer Shot Pumped Up
Eric Rustin

Meet 1 of our most exciting photographers Eric  – he has been with All Occasions since 2011 and during the year he works full time as an armored vehicle builder. He was born and raised in Waterford NY. He spent most of his career in the automotive parts business, which is where most everyone recognizes him from. He is frequently called “The Mayor” by Vanessa, as he knows at least one person at each wedding! He is very dedicated to creating a once in a lifetime experience for our clients. It’s not uncommon to see him hoisting a groom up for the ladies to hold or to see him scale a tree to get the perfect angle for a shot. He even hides in bushes to get a perspective most others wouldn’t think of. His hobbies include story telling, picking things up and putting them down, and needle point — ok that last one is not true lol! There is never a dull moment when Eric is around! 

Wedding Selfies with our Happy Couples

Photo Booth Antics

We specialize in FUN! We are professional and skilled photographers that concentrate in weddings as that is one of our favorite events to photograph. If you have a photo booth at your wedding, you will definitely see us making some silly faces, engaging in weird poses and using a variety of props.